VYROX Property Management Business Software System

We research, design, develop, implement, and administer Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT) advanced business operational intelligence platforms. Our software system suite leverages Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM) capabilities to enhance property management, improve building security and safety, optimize daily business operations, and improve customer experience. Ultimately, we aim to elevate the quality of life for all stakeholders across various deployment environments, including but not limited to cloud, edge, on-premise, and hybrid, via web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Operation Insights, Security Monitor, Customer Accounts, Customers, E-Invoicing, Utility Billing, Visitors, Facility Bookings, Golf Bookings, Participant Check-Ins, Announcements, Suggestions, Complaints, Incident Reports, Internal Mails, Defect Reports, Management Accounts, Meeting Minutes, Emergency Numbers, Emergency SOS Requests, Main Users, Sub-Users, Card Access, Face Recognition Access, Vehicle Plate Recognition Access, QR Keys, Access Control Tracking, Contractor Service Permits, Tickets, Community Marketplace, Concierge Services, TukangMan, Self-Service Laundry, Memberships, Members, Suppliers, Properties, Tenancy Agreements, Tenant Accounts, Management Committee, Delivery Lockers, EV Charging Parking Locks, Lost and Found, sports club management system Property QR Code, Help Desk, Wired Smart Home Malaysia, Wireless Smart Home, KNX Building Automation System Malaysia, KNX Building Automation, Snooker and Pool Automated Lighting Billing Software System, Snooker KING, Sports Club and Golf Club Members Management and Billing Software System, Sports Club KING, SPORTSERVA Online Booking Reservation Appointment Software System, SPORTSERVA, POSERVA Point of Sales Software System, POSERVA.

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